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Marina 4x6

I know I’ve been MIA, it’s been an intense six months. I miss my Petey Boy, and hold on to the fact that we gave him a great life after such a rough start. As a reminder, we didn’t lose him to IMHA, so if your fur kid is battling, there is hope. It’s a challenging road but a long happy life is possible. This post is to help out Koda’s Mom. I’ve been there and know how helpless IMHA makes you feel. It’s a roller-coaster, but knowing that there are success stories, help us get through a lot. Whether Read More

Goodnight Sweet Petey

We Love you Petey

We Love you Petey I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive. ~Gilda Radner It is with great sadness that I let you know of the passing of our dear, sweet Petey. Many of you started following this blog because of his battle with IMHA, and it’s similarities to Evan’s. It was not IMHA that took him, rather his tired body, and our desire to always return his unconditional love .  For this reason, we made the most painful, yet responsible decision when it became clear Read More

Dogs and Grief


If you’ve been fortunate enough to experience the companionship of a dog, it’s almost certain that at one time or another, they’ve been there to comfort you through a difficult time. Maybe it was a bad day, a break-up, or on a much larger scale, the death of a loved one. This post was inspired by the recent loss of a friend and mentor, who also happened to love dogs. During his illness his companion, a rescue, provided countless hours of comfort not only to him but also his wife. After his passing, their companion continues to help his wife Read More

Thank You Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue Participants


A huge “thank you” to everyone that participated and helped us promote this event!  We couldn’t have done it without you. If you missed the event, the links below are the posts in support of dog rescue/adoption – and perhaps a cat or bunny post or two – we love all animals! I’m making my way through the list, not only are the posts incredible – so are the people behind them! Please visit the blogs below – I’m very grateful to the people behind those blogs. Together we can make great things happen…   1. Meet my Sweet (and Read More

Please Help Bloggers Unite For Dog Rescue


Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue   How you can help today Please help us publicize Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue, a special online global event held on July 23, 2012 stressing the importance of dog adoption. Dog Rescue Success  is proud to partner with Blog Catalog, BTC4animals.com and YOU to harness a global online community to help save the lives of dogs in need. 1.) Grab a badge from the sidebar. Paste the code from Dog Rescue Success‘s sidebar to your blog’s sidebar. This lets folks know you’re taking part and how they can too. Copy any of the event images too! 2.) Tell others! Post this to Facebook and Twitter: SPREAD THE WORD Read More

Dogs and Fireworks

Cajun loved us but not fireworks...

  Happy Independence Day! I hope you have a wonderful day planned doing something you enjoy to celebrate our freedom. If those plans happen to include leaving your companions at home, I’ve included links to two articles with tips for helping your dogs cope with fireworks anxiety. We happen to live in an area where every night at 9;50 p.m., we can hear the fireworks show at SeaWorld. Thankfully, Petey and Marina have been with us long enough to finally be desensitized to them. The louder Fourth of July fireworks still give them a bit of anxiety but on a much smaller scale than when Read More

The Birth of Dog Rescue Success


I’ve always been an animal lover, but it was Petey who inpired the creation of Dog Rescue Success, and our July 23rd Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue campaign. I’ve always had rescue companions in my life.  When we adopted Petey, his history really tugged at my heart. He was a sweet, good-tempered guy who had been turned into a bait dog at the hands of his “owner”.  His life was spared from the goodness of the hearts of th female officer who originally rescued him, and Forte Animal Rescue.. Had it not been for him, he would have died long ago. Because of Read More

Community Solution for Dog Rescue

Dog House Adoptions - Lori Harris, Audra Bentley, Tim Clune, and Kim Clune

I always seem to encounter amazing people in the dog rescue community. Kim Clune and the rest of the pack over at Dog House Adoptions are a perfect example. What really caught my attention about this group is how well they integrated the entire community in their dog rescue efforts. I’m excited to introduce this dynamic team to you and hope that their vision will inspire you. Regardless of how we’re involved with the dog rescue community, there are a multitude of ways that we can incorporate new ideas to raise awareness, increase adoptions and facilitate the process of dogs Read More

Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue


What is it and why is it important?  On July 23, 2012 Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue will  harness the power of bloggers across the world to help save the lives of dogs in need.  Dog Rescue Success is proud to partner with Blog Catalog in Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue and would love it if you would join in and make a difference that results in a massive global campaign to promote the life or death difference consumers can make through dog adoptions. Millions of dogs are euthanized each year because not enough people are adopting dogs through local rescue groups Read More

Older Dogs


“Older Dogs” are such a wonderful fit for so many people, I think of them as hidden gems. Both of our rescues are now considered to be “older”. Marina came into our lives when she was one and a half years old. She was still in a “puppy stage” which meant lots of chewing, digging, and constant stimulation and exercise to help her burn off her youthful energy. Now that she is almost ten, she’s content to go for walks, take naps, and guard the yard against birds and squirrels. Yes, cute fuzzy little puppies with warm puppy breath will turn most people into Read More