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In a previous Post, I briefly mentioned MDR1 Testing for herding dogs because of Marina’s hind-leg weakness.  I ordered a test kit this week from Washington State University (College of Veterinary Medicine).  According to the order confirmation, I should receive the test kit within two weeks.

Treating Marina’s seizures and balancing the side effects of her meds has been a challenge at times. Once she was off the Potassium Bromide which causes an increased appetite, her interest in food dropped dramatically. She is still taking 125 MG of Zonisamide twice a day, and one of the side effects is decreased appetite. This poses a huge issue with getting her to take her pills. I’ve tried every trick in the book, and she’s way too smart for all of them.  The bad thing is that she has spit her meds out so many times now that she ended up with the first seizure in three years.

As soon as the test kit comes in, I’ll need to take two cheek swabs from her and mail them in for testing.  I’ll write a follow-up post when I receive the test results and any changes to her meds if she tests positive.

I would love to hear any stories about your experiences with the MDR1 results – please share in the comments below.



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