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The Petey Chronicles II

Petey and Marina first day together

Emaciated and near death, Petey was rescued by an L.A. county officer who just happened to spot him and another dog in a backyard. When they were rescued, they were so emaciated that they had to be carried out, and it wasn’t certain if they would make it. Unfortunately, Petey’s sister did not survive.

From Bad to Worse

Petey became “evidence” in an animal cruelty case and was kenneled for six months. He had been used as bait in dog fighting ring – once the case ended and he was no longer “needed” he was scheduled for euthanization! What a horrific “remedy” for an already cruel and sad life Petey had to endure.

The Challenge

This is where dog rescue organizations become the heroes and advocates for those without a voice. When the officer that rescued Petey heard that he was going to be euthanized, she reached out to Forte Animal Rescue founder Marie Atake. Marie then rescued Petey and he was placed in a foster home until he could be adopted. In a perfect world, Petey’s horrific story would melt hearts at the dog adoption events he attended and he would find his “Forever Home” almost immediately. The sad reality is that older dogs are often seen as less desirable than puppies. I’ve had both in my life, and can tell you that while puppies are quite adorable, the effort required in those first few years can be ten-fold!

The Happy Ending

When I saw Petey online, he’d been available for adoption for almost a year. By then, he was five years old which is considered “mature.” I knew the moment I saw him that I’d be filling out an application for his adoption. After everything he’d been through, he was still so good natured that I really wanted to give him the opportunity to have a happy life.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I am not grateful for all of the wonderful people that worked together to rescue Petey – who has now been with us for six years. It was because of all of them, that he became a member of our family and found his “Forever Home”.

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