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Dogs and Fireworks

Cajun loved us but not fireworks...

Happy Independence Day!

I hope you have a wonderful day planned doing something you enjoy to celebrate our freedom. If those plans happen to include leaving your companions at home, I’ve included links to two articles with tips for helping your dogs cope with fireworks anxiety.

We happen to live in an area where every night at 9;50 p.m., we can hear the fireworks show at SeaWorld. Thankfully, Petey and Marina have been with us long enough to finally be desensitized to them. The louder Fourth of July fireworks still give them a bit of anxiety but on a much smaller scale than when thy first joined us. In the years that we are not at home,  we make sure to leave the TV on to help block out some of the noise.

Our previous companion, Canjun, was deathly afraid of load noises and never adjusted to them.  The weekly trash trucks would scare him to the point that he would shake for an hour after they left.  Fireworks were very difficult for him. You have to know your dog and what works best for them. If you leave your companions alone today, make sure that every possible escape route is blocked off. Even a tall fence isn’t always enough to stop a traumatized dog from jumping over – especially the wooden fences that have the backs of the boards facing towards your yard – they make great steps for leverage. More dogs escape on this day than any other.

Please take a moment to read some of the tips below. If you have a tip that worked well for you – I’d love for you to share it in the comment section. Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

From Cesar Milan:

From Mad Mikes America:

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