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Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy Treatment


Marina catching a bit of sunshine

By March of this year, Marina’s seizures had steadily become more frequent.  The most frightening episode was when she had an instance of cluster seizures. Rather than having seizures weeks or month apart, they were days and hours apart. This is a dangerous situation – if your dog is experiencing this, please have them evaluated immediately, it can be life-threatening.

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful vet. She was able to consult with a top veterinarian neurologist who recommended adding a new medication to use in conjunction with the potassium Bromide. Marina is currently on 2.5 ML daily of Potassium Bromide (500MG/ML solution) once daily and 125 MG of Zonisamide twice daily.

This new regimen has helped considerably.  She has only had two seizures, months apart.  She goes in regularly for blood work and check-ups, and hopefully her condition will remain stable. If your companion is experiencing seizures, please seek treatment immediately. Don’t give up faith, sometimes it may take a bit to find the treatment, but it will make a difference in your companion’s quality of life. He or she deserves it.   😉

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