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Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue

What is it and why is it important?

On July 23, 2012 Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue will  harness the power of bloggers across the world to help save the lives of dogs in need.

Dog Rescue Success is proud to partner with Blog Catalog in Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue and would love it if you would join in and make a difference that results in a massive global campaign to promote the life or death difference consumers can make through dog adoptions.

Millions of dogs are euthanized each year because not enough people are adopting dogs through local rescue groups and shelters.  Instead, many people purchase from pet stores not knowing that most come from puppy mills – read more at:  Additionally, many people underestimate the the time and dedication it takes to become a responsible pet owner, and surrender their dogs, or worse.

Local dog rescue organizations consist of volunteers who help by fostering dogs in their own homes while they search for permanent placement, taking dogs to adoption events, fundraising to cover medical and boarding costs to name a few.  Most rescue groups do not have the luxury of employees or people dedicated to promoting their efforts on a large scale. This is where Bloggers can give these unsung heroes and homeless dogs a voice.

As their own resources permit, these groups work with local animal shelters in an effort to place adoptable dogs that are scheduled for euthanization. The sad fact is that many dogs die every day before they find a “forever home”. The commercials you see on television about neglect and abuse are very real. Consumers can literally save a dog’s life simply by choosing adoption over a pet store or breeder purchase.

Per the HSUS, “Nationwide, only about 20 percent of dogs in homes come from shelters—the rest come from other sources. It would only take a relatively small increase in the adoption rate along with a modest reduction in the birth rate to go a long way toward solving the problem of euthanizing healthy and treatable dogs in many communities.”  We all have the ability to make a difference in the world by taking action. Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue participants have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of dogs in need.

As part of Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue on July 23, 2012, we ask, if you choose to join in, that you write a blog post about Dog Rescue and any issues related to it whether personal stories or resources that you are interested in sharing information and raising awareness about.

To get you started we have assembled a number of resources including Action Badges that you can see below which you can add to your badge and get other bloggers to Unite.


Learn more about puppy mills:

Need help for your rescue group?:

Deaf Dog Rescources:

Dog Trainers:


  • Blog about a Dog Rescue related topic on July 23rd, 2012
  • Interested in adopting a companion?
  • Donate to a local dog rescue organization
  • Foster a dog
  • Volunteer at a local shelter or rescue organization
  • Share this post across all forms of social media and encourage others to paticipate!

Please check back often, we will be providing additional information and badges for your blog or website. If you have any questions, please contact me here at denise AT dogrescuesuccess DOT COM.   Thank you for helping us with this amazing event!!









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