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Detroit Dog Rescue

I grew up just north of Detroit and moved out of state in the mid eighties when automotive was just beginning to tank. In better days, I remember going to Detroit for Ethnic Festivals at Hart Plaza, the food in Greek Town, Tiger games, and the Joe Louis Arena to name a few.  I never imagined that it could get to where it is today – depressing beyond words.

With so many  people losing everything, the animal welfare is also at an all time low. I want to share a video and link to a  Rolling Stone story about Detroit Dog Rescue – DDR.  In the midst of so much chaos and ruin, it might be easy for some to look away from the dead and dying dogs in Detroit. Daniel “Hush” Carlisle is not one to look away, he’s stepped up to the plate in a big way, and I’m hoping he can lead us to Detroit’s biggest Dog Rescue Success story ever. It won’t be easy, but I believe we can help turn it around.

Please share these stories. The Animal Control system in Detroit is broken and the dogs of Detroit are paying for it with their lives. They need us now more than ever. Please help bring awareness to the problem as well as the organizations like Detroit Dog Rescue that are making a difference.

A Dog Rescue Success

I love this story. It’s such a testament to what love, kindness, and compassion can do. Such a heartwarming story. What could have been tragic, turned into an amazing success story. I’m sorry about the commercial, I’m not able to edit it out. It’s worth watching. Please share this.

Thanks to Erica Daniel from Dolly's Foundation for rescuing Harper and becoming his "forever home" and to Bev McCartt of Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy and Fitness for providing Harper's therapy. This story makes me smile. I would love to about hear YOUR happy rescue tails!

You can read the the entire the entire story here.

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